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Growing Ivy

As filmmakers, even independent ones, we often have projects that we can't talk about. For that reason, we can work passionately on things for years before they are ever mentioned on social media. This was definitely the case with my next short, currently nicknamed The Poison Ivy fan film. For my followers, it looked like I suddenly dropped the news on Facebook, along with a surprise funding campaign; the truth is it's something that has been going on behind the scenes for a very, very long time.

   I mentioned in an earlier blog post how much I loved Poison Ivy. When I was a little kid, she was my favourite character in Batman: The Animated Series, and I enjoyed Uma Thurman's portrayal in 1997's Batman & Robin to the extent that I bought my first Poison Ivy action figure. My view of that interpretation of Ivy has unfortunately been ruined over time, and as this geeky kid grew into a geeky adult, I realised how the character has been underrepresented in films and…

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