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"So, why do you do it?"

This week marks exactly one year since the Songbird shoot, and I'll admit that I have mixed feelings about the anniversary. It also means that the film has been in post-production for a year; while this has been for the good of the film, and everyone is doing brilliant work, I'm also keen to give our backers the rewards they kindly pledged for. We're at the point in post-production where I've seen the film's imagery - the footage, poster, behind-the-scenes images etc. - so many times, on a daily basis, that I start seeing a product more than a project. It's a bizarre period, wherein your film becomes more of an object than an experience.
   That is, until yesterday, when the film's wonderful DoP Chris Newman sent me something I hadn't seen before. It was just a brief clip he'd recorded on his phone during the shoot, with the crew setting up a scene on the third filming day. Nothing particularly memorable happened in the clip, but my god did it sti…

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