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Flame-haired Leading Ladies of Cinema!

   Welcome to my first blog post of 2018! I'm determined to do at least one post per month from now on, as they were few and far between last year. My time in 2017 was very much taken up by post-production on the fantasy short Songbird, a film which was a unique experience for me, in the fact that it was my biggest project to date. However, there is one thing it had in common with the majority of my previous films:

Songbird, as with most of my films as a director, featured a lead actor with red hair.

   Up until now, I didn't question this re-occurrence. To be frank, if all my female actors had been brunettes or blondes, I don't think anyone would've seen it as a stylistic choice. But there is something striking about seeing a redheaded actor or model on screen; it invokes a fiery image that harks back to the legend of warrior queen Boudica. So I thought it would make an interesting topic for today's blog post.
   For me, my love of red-headed characters is a result o…

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