Monday, 25 July 2011

Sophie on: What Happened to her Office!

Hi Everybody,

Firstly, sorry that I haven't posted any blogs lately - casting is well and truly underway for both Jar of Angels and Wasteland so it's been busy but there's bound to be plenty to write about on the next update. Secondly, hello and a huge thankyou to my six new followers (Mike, Tommy, Steve, Cmore, Jack and Rosemary)!

The next post I did was supposed to be my first video blog (apparantly they're very much in vogue at the moment) and I had the costumes from Wasteland set up to be filmed and talked about. Then, at 6am last Friday (after I'd finally got to sleep for about ten minutes) there was a huge crash and my office was temporarily a trash heap! What happened is this: the large shelf above my mannequin which holds all my hardback film/costume books and folders basically came free from the wall and emptied its contents everywhere. Luckily my computer, sewing machine and camera equipment are all fine, and if I was sat there then I would have been (at best) concussed so the outcome could've been a lot worse. As it is, a lot of my books are bent or have holes in (alas, Ray Harryhausen, your book recieved the worst of the damage - please do not take this as a sign of disrespect because I adore your work!) and one of my posters is trashed. Also, a lot of my folders were broken so I have about five years worth of filing to do again, but I have no idea when that's going to happen.

So, no video blog until the studio is repaired. But I did manage to get a little lo-rez video of the damage (it may not look like much on screen - remember how I said cameras shrink things - but bare in mind that my office is pretty small so it's all proportionate):


To this day, no one is quite sure why the shelf decided to come free from the (brick) wall, but Light Films director Tom Wadlow (Captain Wadlow to me!) has the theory that our production - Wasteland - is cursed because a lot of odd things have been happening to us all lately. Let that be a lesson to all - if you want to make a bleak, semi-artistic post-apocalyptic horror movie with zombies in it, then please proceed with caution!

Thursday, 7 July 2011

Update 1, or rather, 'I Know what I'll do this Summer'

Hello everybody!

A funny thought struck me a couple of days ago. I got into filmmaking with every intention of creating the next Lord of the Rings and somehow, over years of learning film and developing a style, as well as experiencing the odd stressful shoot, I seem to be falling into a territory of only making controversial films! Not including the 'Infamous Script' (which I have actually been working on again recently), the story for which turns away producers before they even read it, I have two fairly controversial projects coming up. One of those being my next directorial project, which will be shot by Crash Taylor, and I am very, very excited about. But the first shoot up in the subject of controversy is the newly re-titled Jar of Angels, physchological thriller about a serial murderer, directed by Crash himself (who, by the way, I will have to nickname 'Starmaker', because everyone leaves his studio feeling like a star).

Pre-production for Jar of Angels is well and truly underway. The script is nearly in lock, awaiting the last bit of feedback from a very important source, and since its completion I've been doing a mix of location scouting and concept art, a sample of which is below:

If you would like to support the film by donating as little or as much as you like, you can send funds on our Crowdfunder site - everyone who donates £10 or over will get exclusive prizes!

And remember, if you want to follow the film's progress as it happens, and for those who havent seen our wicked trailer yet, check out Crash's blog:

The other film currently in a mix of pre-production and production (we started filming last week but there's still a lot to do before the more complicated scenes) is a film that isn't exactly controversial, but probably isn't one to take your Grandma to see - the first Light Films feature, still untitled. I'm currently location scouting for this project too, as well as getting the costumes and sets ready. I've shown you the costumes for this one as they've been going along, and here's how they're looking now:

Still a little bit more ageing to do on both of them, but they're definitely getting there!

And finally, there's a little personal sewing project I have coming up whenever (or if ever) I get the time. Yesterday I got a bargain deal on a genuine vintage dress, I think from the 1950s although there were no details with it. Size is around a 12, although I plan on adapting it to my size (somewhere between 8-10). I love old clothes because they tell a story. The (busty) woman who owned this gown clearly had some fun parties in it - the net underskirt is torn from the dress and there's actually a little red lipstick mark inside! I know it's not really costume news but I wanted to share this one with you. I'll be restoring it as well as resizing it so I'll show you the finished result some time next year, I guess!

That's all for now - both shoots are very much underway, like I said, so there's bound to be much more the follow soon!